Shuffle Tech automatic card shuffler repair

You can find all necessary information you need when you have a defective Shuffle Tech shuffler to repair

We can repair your shuffler whether it’s malfunctioning, moving parts are worn or damaged, the machine jams frequently, or it has any other problem. No matter if your machine is still within the initial 1 year warranty period, or it’s out of that – we are here to help you!

These are our repair guidelines

Within a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase of a new machine we restore it free of charge, with free return to customer within the EU.

After one year from the date of purchase, we will fix worn/damaged machines at the following fees:
– 1st Hour: 40 Euros (+ VAT if applicable)
– Additional hours: 30 Euros/hour (+ VAT if applicable),
plus return shipping cost.
(Most worn/damaged machines require about 1-2 hours of service work to fix.)

We assume a 6 month warranty for our restoration work.

Please always read our Checklist before deciding to send us your shuffler for a repair!